4 Tips for Finding Quality Student Housing Near Your University

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Apartment Building

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If you’re a student, then finding a place to live near your university can be difficult. It’s important that you find an apartment close to campus for convenience purposes, but it also has to be affordable. Here are tips for finding the perfect student housing at Cal State Fullerton.

Figure Out How Much Money You Can Spend

You need to know how much you can spend when looking for an apartment near your university. Calculate what your budget is so that you’re not spending more than you can. You should also consider whether or not utilities are included in the monthly payment–you don’t want to be surprised by extra fees!

Find a Map of All the Apartment Buildings in Your Area

You should find a map of all the apartment buildings in your area so that you can see which ones are closest to campus. This way, when you start contacting property managers and landlords about their apartments for rent near your university they can refer back to this map as well!

Search for Apartments That Are Near Public Transportation, Shops, and Restaurants

Students need to be able to get around easily! You should search for apartments that are near public transportation, shops, and restaurants because it is important that you can have easy access.

Check Online Reviews to See What Other Renters Have to Say About an Apartment Building or Individual Unit

Before you sign a lease, make sure that you check online reviews to see what other renters have to say about an apartment building or individual unit. You should also read the fine print and find out if there are any hidden fees–you don’t want to be surprised by anything!

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