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The Advantages of Military Housing in San Diego

For those in the military, choosing the right housing is an important part of their life. For some, life on the base isn’t their first choice. In these instances, choosing off-base military housing in San Diego is the way to go. These types of apartments offer a large number of advantages many find they cannot live without. Having the best possible housing for your family gives those in the military the ease of knowing those they love are well taken care of while they are away.


One of the biggest draws to seeking off-base military housing in San Diego is privacy. When living life on the base, it’s difficult to find moments alone to spend with those you love. This is why many people choose the privacy of off-base housing. This gives them the freedom to be themselves, while still following their hearts and dedication to their country. Those with spouses and children find this especially helpful in their family lives.

Staying Connected to the Outside World

Choosing military housing in San Diego is a great way to stay connected to the outside world. Unfortunately for many in the military, they often find themselves feeling disconnected from life away from the base. Living in an apartment off base will alleviate some of that feeling. You will find it much easier to keep the connections to your life you hold dear when you have a life separate from your military career.

Moving Place to Place

In some cases, military housing in San Diego must be temporary. Those who find themselves visiting another base or area may need to find temporary off-base living quarters during their stay. Choosing furnished apartments that rent monthly are a great way of doing this. These homes are set up, waiting for you to move in and enjoy.

For more information on military housing in San Diego, visit Foxwood Corporate Apartments on their website or call 619-690-1199.

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