Benefits of Double Wide Mobile Homes in Carson City, NV

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Real Estate

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When it comes time to purchase a home, it’s important for consumers to consider all of their options, especially if price is a large consideration in their search. This means looking into less traditional options, including double wide mobile homes, instead of just looking at more traditional site built homes. While single wide mobile homes may look a bit more like trailers, the double wide mobile homes in Carson City NV has to offer often look a lot more like a traditional home. There are a number of advantages to choosing one of these mobile homes.

The Double Wide Mobile Homes in Carson City NV has to offer tend to be less expensive than other homes with the same amount of square footage, utility bills are often less expensive and any necessary repairs are typically simple and affordable. This makes it easier for new home buyers to purchase a brand new home that meets their needs. They don’t have to be small and cramped. In fact, some double wide mobile homes have 2,000 or more square feet of living space. Because these mobile home are more similar in shape to a traditional home than a single wide trailer, they can often be assembled over a basement and look very much like a regular home. These days manufacturers also offer more upscale amenities to go with double wide trailers than they have in the past, such as higher quality flooring, large bathrooms and state of the art kitchens. Customers can choose from various layouts and floor plans to be able to get their ideal arrangement of rooms and storage within the allotted space.

Keep in mind that double wide trailers aren’t necessarily going to be able to be taken apart and relocated the same as single wide mobile homes, and the communities where these homes are often located may have strict requirements and regulations as to what you can and can’t do with your home. They may not last as long as site built homes, as they have an average lifespan of about 25 years. However, purchasing one of these homes can be a more affordable way to achieve a goal of home ownership. Browse our website to get a better idea of the many mobile home options that are currently available.