Can Non-Students Live in Student Apartment Facilities in Indiana?

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Apartment Building

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As you’ve searched for apartments, you might have noticed that student housing near IUPUI seems like a great deal. You’ll get to stay in a fully furnished apartment that comes with appliances, social events and hotel-style amenities. There’s just one catch: you’re not a college student. Do you have to be a college student to live in student apartments, or are student apartments open to everyone?

Can Anyone Apply to Live in a Student Apartment?

Technically, anyone can live in a student apartment if they can pay rent on time. Your family members or friends can even live with you. However, you’ll have to realize that student apartments are specifically geared toward college students. For example, each person living in an apartment has to pay the full amount of rent. It’s not like a regular apartment where you can split the rent amongst yourselves–everyone has to sign a separate contract and pay their own rent every month.

Additionally, most student apartments prefer to match their residents with fellow college students. If you’re not an active college student, you might have to find other non-residents to live with you before you can rent a room. Otherwise, your application might be rejected. It’s also important to realize that student housing is supposed to be temporary, and most contracts last a year at most. This might not be the best option if you’re looking for long-term housing.

For more information on student housing near IUPUI, visit the Lux on Capitol website.