Companies That Claim “We Buy Houses” in Norfolk Virginia Are Safe

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Real Estate

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If you’re like many homeowners, the thought of getting a cash offer and being done with the selling process in a week can be tempting. However, many homeowners also feel like these companies aren’t legitimate. It’s challenging to know if a company that claims ‘we buy houses in Norfolk Virginia’ is credible and safe to use. The fact is that most of these companies are safe. However, you should research them thoroughly before deciding to use their services.

How They Work

Each company is likely to do things slightly differently, but each one works similarly. You call or request a quote online, and a representative calls you to schedule an appointment. When the representative arrives, they do a quick walkthrough of the house and make notes. They usually leave without presenting an offer because they need to discuss options with the rest of the team. Someone from the company contacts you in the next 24 to 48 hours with an offer on your home. If you like the proposal, you accept it, and they draw up paperwork and a contract. You visit their location at your convenience to sign everything, getting a copy of the legal document. When the sale goes through, money is deposited into your account, or you receive a check.

Who Uses These Services?

Primarily, homeowners in dire need of quick money use these companies, but anyone can use them. You may want to relocate and need to do so quickly, or you may be in the middle of a divorce and don’t want to fight over the house. Sometimes, people use these investors because they are going to go into foreclosure and want to avoid it. You can usually get enough money to cover your current mortgage, which means you can pay off the mortgage and not have a large bill hanging over your head.