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How a Condo Law Firm in Palm Coast Helps Community Association Boards

Community Association Boards (CABs) must have legal representation to do their job effectively. A condo law firm in Palm Coast offers general counsel services to CABs to protect the rights of the association and create a welcoming and safe environment for all who live in the community. Services condo law firms offer to CABs include the following:


Association fees collected from condo owners are used to maintain public areas and provide essential services such as lighting, street repair, and general maintenance. When condo owners don’t pay these fees, it affects the entire community. Yet, many CABs have a hard time collecting past due balances because they lack the time or resources.

Condo lawyers assist CABs with the collection process. They abide by legal standards and ensure that any consequences associated with the non-payment of association fees are done precisely to guarantee an iron-clad legal process.

Assist with Fiscal Matters

These services include matters such as collecting association fees, paying property taxes, managing the association’s finances, and more. CABs must follow specific procedures for the collection, retention, and distribution of association funds. Law firms that specialize in condominium law often include these services as part of the general counsel agreement.

Updating Association Bylaws, Rules, and Covenants

Condo communities grow and need to make changes to their bylaws, rules, and covenants. These are legal documents and agreements that must meet certain legal standards. Condo legal firms assist with these tasks.

Community Association Boards in need of hiring an exceptional condo law firm in Palm Coast should contact Kistemaker Business Law Group, LLC at

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