The Difference Between Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Real Estate Consultants

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There’s no doubt that selling homes to fast cash buyers is quick and convenient. Traditional sales can fall through due to lack of financing at the last minute, or an appraisal that wasn’t good slows things down. When we buy houses in Norfolk, Virginia, we make it easy for homeowners looking to get rid of their homes fast. What other companies make fast cash sales attractive to homeowners?


The process of putting a home on the market to selling it can take weeks to months. Part of that time is spent when buyers need to find financing. Some of the time is spent waiting to close. However, homeowners moving to a new city or country don’t have that time. Homeowners recovering from a death in the family or a divorce don’t have that time. Selling to companies that provide immediate cash relieves homeowners of time constraints.

The Numbers Are Better

Real estate agents get a six percent commission from the sale of a house. Fast cash buyers don’t, which means homeowners don’t have to pay out from the proceeds. The seller pays two percent in closing costs. Fast cash buyers work with the seller on closing costs, to negate the impact. Traditional sales take over 90 days to complete. Fast cash sales are immediate. Traditional closing dates are sometimes 60 to 90 days after an offer is accepted. When we buy houses in Norfolk, Virginia, it takes up to two weeks to complete the closing.

Inspections and Appraisals

Homeowners who call fast cash companies get one visit. The homeowner and the company representative go over the house’s problems, the reason for the sale, and then they agree without appraisals and inspections. Homeowners don’t make or pay for repairs. Fast cash companies handle that.

All in all, a comparison between traditional transactions and fast cash buyers couldn’t be more clear or attractive to homeowners. We will explain more comparison points when you call or visit our website at