Discover Student Housing that Provides the Best Amenities for College Life in Baton Rouge

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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Whether you’re moving to the south for the first time and enrolling in LSU or you want to experience an off-campus lifestyle without having to stay at home, then these student apartments in Baton Rouge, LA, should be on the top of your list of places to see. These apartments offer spacious floorplans that give you far more room to roam than those cramped college campus dorm rooms.

Get in Touch with Nature

Among the many reasons to choose these student apartments in Baton Rouge, LA, are the outdoor amenities that allow you to keep close to nature and get plenty of vitamin D while you mingle with other students. Not only is there a pool with designated tanning ledges and hot tubs for your enjoyment, but you can also play volleyball on a court made of sand or even join your friends around one of the outdoor firepits to enjoy an evening under the stars. These are just a few of the relaxing amenities you can enjoy here in Baton Rouge, LA.

Study Features to Help You Stay Focused

Sometimes, there might be too much fun going on in your apartment to stay focused on your studies. Keep your nose in the books and your mind on what is essential by utilizing the many media rooms and study nooks throughout the property that provide quiet study space for one, or a group.

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