Four Benefits of Selling to a Reputable Cash Home-Buying Firm

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Real Estate

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Most people take the traditional route to sell a home, which requires getting a real estate agent and waiting for a buyer to make an offer. But there are times when you may not have three or six months to sell a house, especially if you’re facing a divorce or foreclosure on your home. In these situations, it may be best to sell to a cash home-buying company. Here’s why:

Get Much Needed Cash
If you’re in a distressed situation, you may need the quick cash that comes with home-buyer deals that say “we buy houses in Mooresville”. This will enable you to pay off debt, find a smaller home, or even move to another city. In exchange for the cash, you will need to accept less money for your home. But most reputable cash-buying firms will offer you a fair price for your house.

No Financing Needed
Since you’ll be receiving cash, transactions for deals that say we buy houses in Mooresville do not require any financing.

Saves Time
When you’re selling a house, you usually have to take down pictures, clean it on a regular basis, and even make certain repairs. This can be very costly and time consuming. Making a deal with a cash home-buying firm can save you a tremendous amount of time. And this is time you can spend with your family or participating in leisure activities.

No Commissions
Although your company representative that says “we buy houses in Mooresville” could charge you a commission during the closing, this is very rare. And since commissions are often as high as 6%, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars by not paying commission.

No matter what your situation, LEAP Property Group, LLC will make you the fairest offer possible on your home.