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History Lovers Should Check Into Homes for Sale in Union, Kentucky

Homes For Sale in Union KY are going quickly, as this area has been named one of the fastest growing in the state. Whether a person is looking for a home within the city of Union, in Cool Springs or Brigadoon,  Real Estate Group can be of help. Why do so many choose to relocate to this area? One reason is its rich history.

The Founding of Union

Union first started as a small settlement back in the late 1700s it is believed. The Fowler family begin amassing land in the early 1800s, and a great deal of this land is now what is known as the city of Union. Benjamin Piatt Fowler made his home in the northern part of the city around 1817 before it was even a city.


It is believed that the city was established in the early 1830s, but it didn’t become officially incorporated until 1838. At this time, the name Union was selected to recognize the fact that it is served as the link between Big Bone Lick and Florence. Big Bone Lick was known for its salt production and this salt was then transported to Union where it could be distributed to other settlements in the area.

The Growth of the City

By 1850, the city had its own post office, and a millinery shop opened next to it. Others begin to build in this area, with the Union Presbyterian Church being constructed in 1870. This was followed by a bank and a general store that covered two stories. Two doctors relocated to the area, and a general store/drug store was established in the 1900s before a village blacksmith and creamery set up operation.


The official Union corporation fell apart in the early 1900s, as the city was unable to establish a legislative body. However, it was reincorporated in 1969, at which time the city covered one square mile. Since that time, Union has now grown to cover three square miles, and more than 3,500 individuals call it home.

Anyone looking to relocate to Kentucky should look into Homes For Sale in Union KY. This area has much to recommend it, as seen by its recent expansion. Contact the real estate group today to learn more. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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