Student Tips: How to Pick the Best Student Apartments in Oxford, Ohio

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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Students returning to campus who want off-campus living have plenty of choices, but not all are the right fit. Here are some tips for finding the best student apartments in Oxford.

Proximity to Campus

When choosing a student apartment, the first thing to consider is its proximity to the campus. Even if the student has a vehicle, it’s always nice to be within walking distance. Not only does it cut down on parking fees, but walking to and from class is a great way to get fresh air and a little exercise.

Consider the Floorplans

The type of floorplan one chooses depends on the number of anticipated roommates they’ll have and what they desire in terms of amenities. For example, some floorplans feature a bathroom per bedroom and a guest bath. Others might have one bathroom for every two rooms. Some floorplans are single-level living, and others have multi-level townhomes. Determine preferences before looking at student apartments to weed out the no-goes from day one.

Does the Apartment Support Student Living?

College students have unique needs. They do well in communities with other students. While there are plenty of off-campus apartments near the campus, not all cater specifically to students. The ones that do have amenities like study rooms, 24-hour live security, and gated premises and offer shuttle services to and from campus. They also provide per-person leasing contracts.

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