Why Agents Selling Real Estate in Knoxville Tn Prefer Owners Not to Be Home During Showings

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Real Estate

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People shopping for real estate in Knoxville Tn who have viewed some homes in person have certainly noticed that the owners are rarely, if ever, around at the time. If someone does happen to be home, that person typically is about to leave and does so after greeting the real estate agent and prospective buyer. Real estate agents strongly prefer that nobody who lives in the house is there during showings. There are important reasons for this.

One consideration is that an individual, couple or family planning to move out of a house may have mixed feelings about the upcoming change. They might be looking forward to the move while still feeling sad and nostalgic about the place they’ve been living in. In addition, some people have to move and don’t want to. They may not longer be able to afford the mortgage or upkeep, or someone may have developed a serious physical disorder that makes residing in the house too difficult. Their negative emotions can be evident and make potential buyers of real estate in Knoxville Tn feel uncomfortable.

Emotional attachment to a home can make sellers feel hurt when potential buyers start talking to each other about making changes. A married couple or domestic partners who feel excited about a house might start conversing about tearing out paneling and having it replaced with drywall. They might talk about replacing laminate countertops with granite or replacing vinyl flooring with tile. If they can tell that the current owner feels bad about their conversation, this can make them feel less thrilled about buying the place. Sellers may even inadvertently drive buyers away by defending the existing decor and features, and by acting offended at the thought of replacing anything.

Another aspect related to discomfort involves the potential buyers’ desire to thoroughly look through the house, including inside closets and cabinets. They may not like looking into personal spaces when the owner is standing there watching. They also may not feel comfortable asking a realtor from an agency such as The Hughes Properties Realty Executives Associates pointed questions about certain aspects of the property that could sound like criticism.