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Affording Housing While Being a Student in College in Costa Mesa

Although it might feel like every penny that you have will go toward covering your rent and expenses, it is possible to live in an apartment while going to college. Here are a few tips that could help you afford this lifestyle if you don’t want to live in a dorm.

Going it Alone

If you like your privacy, then you’ll probably want to look into student housing near Orange Coast College on your own. This means that you’re going to be responsible for your rent and the other monthly bills that you have as well as groceries and toiletries. If you receive financial aid, then you can budget some of what you get for your apartment. You could also tutor or work part-time while in school.

Offering a Trade

An option to consider would be to offer a trade-in exchange for student housing near Orange Coast College. You could mow lawns, run errands for those who are unable to drive, or take care of pets for college students while they are in classes. Even if you can’t pay your entire rent amount with this type of work, you could have it decreased so that it’s a manageable amount.


Renting a home with other students is an option that would allow all of you to share the rent and other bills. You could then decide how you want to purchase groceries and other items that you need for the home. This is a housing option that can save everyone a bit of money while giving you someone to talk to as well.

Learn more about affording housing while in school by contacting The Harbour at Orange Coast College.

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