The Best Times To Search For a Student Apartment in Wisconsin

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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Hunting for a suitable apartment complex can be a difficult process, especially when you have no experience in it. You may want to move into a student apartment before the semester begins, but feel unsure when you should start the process. Fortunately, by striking at the right time, you can find the home you need in a location you will enjoy. Here are the best times to search for a student apartment.


Typically, the beginning and end of summer are when many leases expire and openings come available. In May, many students have finished the semester and leave to go home. In August, the remaining summer school students complete their duties and move on to other ventures. Because of these transitions, you can secure an opening in UW off-campus housing while the most opportunities are ready. Just remember that many other students will be looking at the same time, so be prepared to move quickly when you find an area you like.


As you progress into the winter months, you may have more trouble finding the apartment you want. However, you may get a better deal because there are fewer people searching. Many apartments will offer renal specials to draw in more students needing UW off off-campus housing. If you are willing to start during the winter semester, you have an increased chance of getting lower rent or an upgraded unit.

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