How You Can Maximize Space in 1 Bedroom Apartments in Temecula, CA

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Real Estate

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Maximizing Space in 1 Bedroom Apartments in Temecula

There are many perks when it comes to living in 1 bedroom apartments in Temecula, CA. First of all, it’s the more affordable choice among all the other housing options. It’s also near everything, making it convenient to move around. Not to mention, Temecula is a beautiful city with many beautiful sights to see.

Temecula apartments for rent may not be as big as other housing options. However, having limited space does not have to feel confining. There are various ways to transform your apartment space to appear larger than its actual size while making it functional and comfortable as a home should be. Below are some tips to help you create a smarter space.

Let the Light In

A straightforward way to make 1 bedroom apartments in Temecula look and feel bigger is to let the light in as much as possible. Make the most out of your windows by opening your curtains and allowing light to enter. Natural light has a way of making a place look more spacious without much effort. Wall lights or similar indoor lighting fixtures, on the other hand, can help brighten up your space at night.

Get Creative

You may have limited space, but with a dash of creativity, you have countless ways to design your space however you want.

Think about what is essential to you and design your space around that. If, for example, you would like to divide your dining area from another part of the room, how about installing a wall divider that doubles as a storage shelf and an accent piece? Are you an avid reader? A headboard that doubles as a bookshelf might tickle your fancy.

It’s an opportune time to unleash your DIY and interior design skills. By being creative, you can transform your space into a functional home while keeping it cozy and uniquely you.

Mirrors Work Wonders

Mirrors can have multiple functions in 1 bedroom apartments. First of all, because it reflects and distributes light, it significantly adds brightness to your space. Mirrors also create an illusion of a doubled space, making it look much bigger. Not to mention, mirrors can bring style to any room as well.

Choose Light Colors For Walls

Painting a light solid color on all four walls can surely brighten a room while making it appear more expansive. The color white is recommended, but other light colors can create a similar illusion.

Multi-Functional Pieces

When space is limited, it’s best to choose pieces that have multiple functions. Nowadays, many ingenious furniture designers have sparked their imaginations to create clever pieces perfect for small spaces. There are dining tables you can flip upwards to transform into a decorative shelf, a full bed you can fold into a sofa during the day, or a chair with ample storage underneath. These are just some of the many multi-functional pieces.

Efficient Storage Solutions

While moving to a small space may seem overwhelming when all your boxes of things have just arrived, even the smallest of rooms have more storage capacity than you think. The first thing you can do is make use of walls efficiently by installing overhead storage solutions and hanging wall shelves. Think vertically. When you place items as high as possible, you give the illusion that you have high ceilings. You can also choose boxes that strategically fit under the tables, beds, and sofas.

Clear the Clutter

Try to be as minimal as possible. After all, filling your space with things you don’t need will make the room feel cramped. Clear out the clutter now and then. It’s good practice to have a routine of decluttering your space of things that aren’t essential to you. Donate or sell items that other people can still use, but you won’t be needing anymore.

Maximizing Space in Time of Pandemic

Health and wellness are of utmost importance to Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula, CA. That is why we are committed to keeping our residents safe and healthy, especially during this time. In the meantime, we encourage our residents to stay safe indoors. You can use this time to get creative as you maximize your apartment space.