Roommate Etiquette For Your Student Apartment in Bellingham, Washington

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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It is important to consider your roommates when looking into student apartments near Western Washington University. The last thing you want is for your college years to be a negative experience for everyone. You can create a positive experience by keeping the following tips for roommate etiquette in mind.

Respect Their Boundaries

You need to respect the boundaries of your roommates when sharing an apartment together. One roommate may prefer to study at night and sleep in on their days off, and your other roommate may need an hour every evening to decompress after a day of classes. It is important to respect their personal space by letting them have this time to themselves.

Communicate on Guests

It is very important to communicate on the subject of guests rather than surprising your roommates with the company. For example, you want to check with your roommates before inviting someone over during their usual study session. By communicating with your roommates about guests, you are showing them that you value and respect their needs.

Do Your Share

You should never leave your roommates to do all the chores and grocery shopping. Everyone needs to pitch in to ensure the apartment is clean and stocked up on food. One idea is to create a system that allows everyone to rotate their weekly chores, and you can even display the schedule in a common area of the apartment.

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