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Perform an Inspection Before Signing a Lease on a Student Apartment

As you have looked at your options for luxury apartments near LSU, you may have found a specific place that you are in love with. Before signing the lease, there are a couple of things you should do.

Ask to get a copy of the lease before you go in to sign it and get the keys for the apartment. This will give you plenty of time to read the lease for luxury apartments near LSU carefully. You must fully understand what you are obligating yourself to. You must understand all costs involved.

Once you feel happy with the lease agreement, you will schedule a time to sign it in the apartment office. On the day that you sign the lease, you need to take a tour of the apartment. As you go through the apartment, you should look for damage that must be addressed before you move in. This will ensure that it is repaired or that you are not held responsible for it when you move out.

There are several things you should look for as you inspect the apartment. Carefully examine the carpet, walls, tile, countertops, and other surfaces with the goal of identifying stains, tears, or holes. Take pictures if you find damage to give to management. Turn off and on all the light switches. Test the electrical outlets. Make sure water comes out of the faucets and that is the appropriate temperature.

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