Why Off Campus Housing Around Universities is Nicer Than On Campus Housing

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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If you are a student looking for the ultimate luxury experience, then you are not likely to find it on campus. What you require must be provided by a skilled and experienced property developer who has a deep understanding of what modern college students want. This means the best Louisiana State University off campus housing available comes with unique features like electronic access keys to keep the property completely safe. These properties also come with a vast array of luxury amenities you might find in a resort to further enhance the experiences had by students living there.

What really makes these amazing properties shine though is the quality of their common areas. When you are relaxing in the common areas found on these properties, you will not only get to enjoy the comforts of relaxing on fine furnishings, but you will also have plenty of technology at your fingertips the whole time as well. For instance, one property features a media cafe that has plenty of seating with flat-screen TVs hovering over each table. Thus, you can get a bite to eat while catching up on some news with friends. And that’s on top of the huge media room that comes with plenty of seating so that you can enjoy one of your favorite movies on a big screen.

What really sets Louisiana State University off campus housing apart from standard on campus living is that you get a resort-style pool with your monthly rent. Thus, you can not only get rid of your gym membership since these apartments come with a complete fitness center, but you will also have plenty of opportunities to relax in the sun throughout this upcoming semester as well. To book your apartment while it lasts, visit Ion Baton Rouge.